Welcome to our new virtual space! We are excited to have you here and we look forward to connecting with you. Student Health Education & Promotion (SHEP) is an office of Student Affairs that focuses on (you guessed it!) health education and health promotion. We’re currently in the process of developing a brand new website where you can learn more about what we do, what we can do for YOU, and how to connect with us.


To cultivate a supportive campus community that optimizes the healthiest possible development, fosters academic success, and creates a platform for lifelong well-being of the campus community and all its members.


To promote a campus community that fosters positive, sustainable health behaviors, policies and environments in support of UCLA students' academic success and well-bring during their collegiate experience and beyond. As such, we are committed to using student-centered, developmentally-focused, theory-driven, and researched-based methods to provide relevant experiences and resources. 

Core Values:

Innovation, excellence and integrity in the pursuit of campus health education and health promotion; Inclusion, equity and appreciation of diversity; Collaboration with students (both undergraduate and graduate),  colleagues, and community members; Flexibility and adaptation to change




To get in touch, please email us at healtheducation@saonet.ucla.edu or follow us on social media!