Student Health Education & Promotion Logo: Overview of SHEP Heading


Welcome to Student Health Education & Promotion (SHEP), an office of Student Affairs focused on the health promotion and education of all UCLA students! 

SHEP has supported generations of UCLA students in their overall development and well-being. Housed in a number of different departments and buildings on campus throughout the years, in 2014, SHEP moved from the Bruin Resource Center into its current home - the Arthur Ashe Student Health and Wellness Center. No matter where SHEP has been located, the unit consistently provided a variety of programmatic offerings, including health programming, peer health education training, Life Skills and Intergroup Dialogue courses and more.  

Mission & Vision

Our vision is to cultivate a supportive UCLA campus community that optimizes the healthiest possible development, fosters academic  success, and creates a platform for life-long well-being of the campus community and all its members. 

Our mission is to promote a campus community that fosters sustainable healthy behaviors, policies and environments in support of UCLA students' academic success and well-being during their collegiate experience and beyond.  As such, we are committed to using student-centered, developmentally-focused, theory-driven, and research-based methods to provide relevant experiences and resources.

Core Values

Innovation, excellence, and integrity in the pursuit of campus health education and health promotion

Inclusion, equity, and appreciation of diversity

Collaboration with students (both undergraduate and graduate), colleagues, and community members

Flexibility and adaptation to change