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BLS peer health volunteers dedicate their time to staffing the Bruin Love Station; a campus sexual health mobile cart initiative launched in fall 2017 that provides free safer sex contraceptives/birth control and educational materials to UCLA students. BLS travels around campus (including the residential community) with staff and trained peer health volunteers who are responsible for providing appropriate and accurate sexual health education information, delivering condom demonstrations, helping to connect students to appropriate campus resources, and more.

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Jocelyn Silva

1st year, Neuroscience

My name is Jocelyn and I am a Bruin Love Station Volunteer. The reason I decided to volunteer for this program is that I believe that everyone deserves access to the resources like those offered at SHEP. Where I come from, the subject of sex is considered taboo, which undermines the importance of it for our health.



Daniela Morales

1st year, Political Science


I've chosen to become a BLS volunteer because I enjoy learning about health/sex education while informing others about it. I think it's very important that our student body has access to these resources on a daily basis. I enjoy working with BLS and being a peer health volunteer because a little help can go a long way for anyone who receives info from our cart.



Mackenzie Daly

3rd year, Anthropology 


Hello! My name is Mack. I have always been passionate about public health and education and the Bruin Love Station is the perfect intersection where my passions meet. I believe that the Bruin Love Station is the cornerstone to making the campus an open environment for talking about sexual health and educating the student body.

And I  #BruinLoveStation because a healthy campus is a happy campus.



Uriel DeMonteverde

2nd year, Cognitive Science

I have chosen to be a BLS volunteer because safe sex supplies and education should be available to everyone in UCLA. The cart provides students with more than just one option of contraceptives and gives them opportunities to learn about sex and relationships. It is also very inclusive and can be beneficial for all the diverse students at UCLA.

 And I #BruinLoveStation because 1+1=3 if you don't use a condom!



Alayna Theye
2nd, Pre-Med Biology major


I chose to be a BLS volunteer because I have always been passionate about promoting health and safety in all aspects. I wanted to be a part of the team so I can learn more about the ways in which I can educate myself and others about living a happy and healthy lifestyle. 


And I #BruinLoveStation because everyone deserves access to free resources and information about safe alternatives and health information!


Sanaea (Sunny) Cowasjee
2nd year, Undecided Life Sciences


I love volunteering at the Bruin Love Station because it is a way to get involved with the health field while also getting to meet a new group of diverse individuals. I enjoy interacting with other students while at the cart and being part of an enthusiastic, open, and encouraging community.BLS promotes crucial safer sexual practices among UCLA students and provides the means to do so.


And I #BruinLoveStation because everyone deserves a comfortable, friendly environment and safe resources. 


Angelica Means
2nd year, Pre-Human Biology and Society


I’m a BLS volunteer because I believe it’s important to spread awareness about safe sex and promote inclusivity. Public and sexual health is a huge factor in the campus environment. 

#BruinLoveStation because students deserve easy access to a source for safe sex supplies and information.

Danielle Goldsmith

4th year, Sociology

I’ve chosen to become a BLS volunteer because I wanted to give back in some way to the school that has given so much to me. College is a time that many students get into relationships, explore their sexuality, and become sexually active because of this it is important for students to have the proper information and I am I wanted to be apart of providing information for them. College is a difficult time and I feel its important that students aren’t forced to have more problems with misinformation over things like birth control, relationships, communication, and sexuality. 

And I #BruinLoveStation because it spreads the word to other students that there is a cart that students can get free lube and condoms, information on other forms of both control, information for people all type of sexualities, and information about relationships and communication. It also shows that you support inclusivity on campus because it not only supports students who choose to be sexually active but those that choose not to be.

#BruinLoveStation because there are also games where you can win fun prizes while learning information about sex and relationships

Victoria Garcia Lecuona
2nd year, International Development Studies and Gender Studies


I chose to become a BLS volunteer because I look forward not only to provide free supplies and resources for students at UCLA, but also to destigmatize sex. The Bruin Love Station is a great way of becoming involved in public health while assisting fellow Bruins and encouraging them to become comfortable in their own sexual identity. 


And I #BruinLoveStation because there should be no norms regarding sexual identity and we provide resources for everyone regardless of their preferences, sexual activity or knowledge about school resources.

Qihang (Mike) Zhang
2nd year, History and Pre-Communications 

I joined BLS because I believe it is important for students to realize the importance of sexual health and also want to learn about those issues. I also wanted to challenge myself and walk out of my comfort zone by taking up more responsibility.

I think my experience at Bruin Love Station is literally life-changing when I began to speak openly and publicly about the issues which I use to think as private and uncomfortable. Promoting sexual health to different groups of people and increasing students’ awareness of its importance not only connected us with a larger population on campus but also made ourselves better communicators in the Bruin family.


Liane Yoss
4th year
 transfer student, Sociology

I became a BLS volunteer because I wanted to be able to promote the importance of practicing safe sex and be part of an organization that discusses sex in an informative and positive way.

And I #BruinLoveStation because we offer free supplies and materials about safe sex for all UCLA students.

Jose Guerrero
4th year, Psychobiology


I chose to become a BLS volunteer so I can be an advocate for my community. I want to help create a safe environment for students to feel comfortable and be able to express their sexuality in their own way. I also want to spread information of the available resources on campus to students to help promote their overall well-being. 


And I #BruinLoveStation because the volunteers are really energetic and have important information for everyone. #BruinLoveStation because of the free resources that promote health and well-being. Stay Safe!